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Best Bicycle Stand For Apartments and Condos

When we developed the EZ Bike Stand our thoughts were simple, every cyclist could probably use one.  As generic as that sounds our focus was on the cyclist and the bicycle stand, and not much more.  Over the past couple years we’ve had a lot of customers tell us how and where they use their EZ Bike Stand, but one group of cyclists that really surprised us were those living in apartments, condominiums, and co-ops.

We knew we developed an excellent bicycle stand for storing a bike, but we had no idea how many cyclists struggled with this each day living in apartments, condos, and co-ops.  What we learned was that our unique engineering and design makes our EZ Bike Stand less a focal point than most other bike stands.  Our EZ Bike Stand’s large base is just an inch off the ground and the “ears” of the bike stand which support the tires, not the spokes, blend in nicely with the black tire color.  Unlike many tall, metal bike stands, the EZ Bike Stand supports a bicycle in an attractive, less noticeable manner.

Another well-liked feature is that the EZ Bike Stand is “easily” mobile.  People can move it to various locations throughout their home, especially when they have guests.  It can also be taken to a group ride, no more leaning your bike against your car preparing to ride, and can easily be put back into place when you get back home.

We’ve also had many cyclists living in apartments and condos purchase two EZ Bike Stands with one EZ Connector.  Our space adjusting EZ Connector allows cyclists to customize their bicycle stand to fit into an area specifically chosen for bikes.  In addition, the EZ Bike Stand-EZ Connector-EZ Bike Stand combination significantly increases the strength and stability of the bike stand which allows for storing heavy duty bicycles, if necessary.

If you’re looking for a bicycle stand that works great in limited living space, we believe our EZ Bike Stand,, is the best solution for cyclists today!

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