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Most Overlooked Bicycle Accessory

Do I need a bike stand?  This question seems reasonable since leaning your bike against an object takes only a few seconds and costs nothing to do.  So, why purchase one?

For years, I leaned my bike against a wall in my garage.  Sure the wall was scratched up a bit, but it was only a garage.  Of course wall space wasn’t always available, so scratches occurred elsewhere in the garage too.

As my family became more involved in cycling the wall became cluttered with bikes.  In fact, we owned seven bicycles and parking them single file against a wall was impossible.  So I tried the side-by-side approach, but this led to frequent crashes and dings to walls, cars, bicycles, and everything else near the bikes.

I saw an ad for a bike hoist and thought it would be my solution.  I figured raising our bikes up to the ceiling would give us space, which it did; however using bike hoists was another matter.  Personally, I never felt our bikes were secure with hooks under the seat and handlebar.  This made walking underneath a hanging bike feel like walking under a ladder.  In addition, hoists took time and effort to use before and after each ride, the rope eventually frayed and wouldn’t operate properly, and my wife and daughter couldn’t use the hoists without my assistance.  In my opinion, hoists make sense for boats, not bicycles.

Besides a place to park our bikes, I wanted a place to prepare for our rides.  Leaning my bike or having my wife hold it while I lubed our chains, pumped our tires, or changed out our wheels wasn’t fun…and cycling was meant to be fun!  Then after rides it was the same thing.  I didn’t have a good spot to clean our bikes or do maintenance on them.

So, do I need a bike stand?  Absolutely!  It’s one of the most overlooked bicycle accessories.

Customers frequently tell us how much they “love” their EZ Bike Stand and I fully understand why.  The EZ Bike Stand is like having an extra pair of hands around…plus, you don’t have to yell, “Honey, can you help me for a few minutes?” anymore.

Making cycling easier.

Fall Season Cycling

Cycling in the fall is as vibrant as the leaves changing colors.  The weather and landscape bring out a fresh look to our ordinary bike routes and cyclists tend to become more conversational and relaxed this time of year.  Century rides, cyclocross, and mountain bikes races can often be found each weekend giving cyclists a variety of new routes and events to experience.

While many athletes begin changing their training toward running and indoor workouts due to shorter days and cooler temperatures, I would encourage a different approach this fall.  Find a new group or event and continue riding.  With “race” season winding down and intense cycling less prevalent, you just might find new friendships and new rides a refreshing change of season.

Oh, and don’t forget to take your EZ Bike Stand with you, so you’ll have a place to put your bike while preparing for your ride.

Making cycling easier.

What have I forgotten?

Ever feel like you’re forgetting something when packing for a race or an event?  I know I have!  Trying to fit in family, work, and training obligations can sometimes be overwhelming.  It’s hard to think of all the items you need when heading out for a ride, race, or run – especially when you’re rushed and running late.

When standing in line at registration I often overhear someone say they forgot something at home and how they hope they can pick it up at the expo.  Spending money on something you already have sitting at home is frustrating!  That’s why we created the EZ Event Checklist!  It will save you time, money, and make packing for your next event a breeze.  And it’s FREE!  Check it out on our Resources page at

The checklist is a simple point and click form that lists 100 popular items you may need at your next event.  If you’re only biking, disregard the swim and run portion of the form.  Or, if you’re only running, disregard the swim and bike section.  Click on the “Free EZ Event Checklist” download button, check the “Need It!” boxes, print your completed checklist, and then check off the “Packed It!” boxes when you have actually packed your gear.  There is also space to write in additional items not found on our checklist.

So when planning for your next event, make it simple, just print the EZ Event Checklist!

Making your events easier,


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