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EZ Bike Stand Frequently Asked Questions

Occasionally, we get asked questions about our EZ Bike Stand and other products. So I felt compelled to list a few frequently asked questions:

1. What do I do when my EZ Bike Stand doesn’t tighten, even after turning the knob?

We ship bike stands assembled and unassembled. When receiving an unassembled EZ Bike Stand, make sure the rose bud ends of the slide snap into place. Hit the slide hard! You won’t damage it. The ends must be in all the way to keep the sides tight. This will enable you to secure your tire when turning the knob.

2. Will the EZ Bike Stand hold up my mountain bike?

Yes, the EZ Bike Stand was designed to hold up bicycles with tire widths up to 2.75 inches wide. In 2010, we enhanced the cooling process during manufacturing to give mountain bikes even greater stability.

3. What’s the best way to secure my front wheel using the One-Wraps®?

The optimum way we’ve found was sliding the One-Wrap® between the water bottle carriage and the frame of your bike. There is a small opening between the screws securing the carriage to the frame. Slide it through this opening, then wrap it through the wheel between the spokes, and tighten it back onto itself. Straps can be shortened with scissors.

Making cycling easier

Most Overlooked Bicycle Accessory

Do I need a bike stand?  This question seems reasonable since leaning your bike against an object takes only a few seconds and costs nothing to do.  So, why purchase one?

For years, I leaned my bike against a wall in my garage.  Sure the wall was scratched up a bit, but it was only a garage.  Of course wall space wasn’t always available, so scratches occurred elsewhere in the garage too.

As my family became more involved in cycling the wall became cluttered with bikes.  In fact, we owned seven bicycles and parking them single file against a wall was impossible.  So I tried the side-by-side approach, but this led to frequent crashes and dings to walls, cars, bicycles, and everything else near the bikes.

I saw an ad for a bike hoist and thought it would be my solution.  I figured raising our bikes up to the ceiling would give us space, which it did; however using bike hoists was another matter.  Personally, I never felt our bikes were secure with hooks under the seat and handlebar.  This made walking underneath a hanging bike feel like walking under a ladder.  In addition, hoists took time and effort to use before and after each ride, the rope eventually frayed and wouldn’t operate properly, and my wife and daughter couldn’t use the hoists without my assistance.  In my opinion, hoists make sense for boats, not bicycles.

Besides a place to park our bikes, I wanted a place to prepare for our rides.  Leaning my bike or having my wife hold it while I lubed our chains, pumped our tires, or changed out our wheels wasn’t fun…and cycling was meant to be fun!  Then after rides it was the same thing.  I didn’t have a good spot to clean our bikes or do maintenance on them.

So, do I need a bike stand?  Absolutely!  It’s one of the most overlooked bicycle accessories.

Customers frequently tell us how much they “love” their EZ Bike Stand and I fully understand why.  The EZ Bike Stand is like having an extra pair of hands around…plus, you don’t have to yell, “Honey, can you help me for a few minutes?” anymore.

Making cycling easier.

Fall Season Cycling

Cycling in the fall is as vibrant as the leaves changing colors.  The weather and landscape bring out a fresh look to our ordinary bike routes and cyclists tend to become more conversational and relaxed this time of year.  Century rides, cyclocross, and mountain bikes races can often be found each weekend giving cyclists a variety of new routes and events to experience.

While many athletes begin changing their training toward running and indoor workouts due to shorter days and cooler temperatures, I would encourage a different approach this fall.  Find a new group or event and continue riding.  With “race” season winding down and intense cycling less prevalent, you just might find new friendships and new rides a refreshing change of season.

Oh, and don’t forget to take your EZ Bike Stand with you, so you’ll have a place to put your bike while preparing for your ride.

Making cycling easier.

Why wish for a third hand?

So, how did it all start?  The EZ Bike Stand didn’t simply happen overnight.  In fact, it’s been over a few years in the making.  Personally, I really enjoy cycling, competing in triathlons, and taking my two wheels on vacations.  And my wife (she’s in the video) loves doing all of this as well.  Unfortunately, a good day of riding for me almost always started and ended with the same frustrations.

I needed to pump up my tires, so I leaned my bike against our garage wall.  I needed to lube my chain, so I leaned my bike further away from the wall so the pedal wouldn’t hit it.  I would take my bike off my car rack and then lean it against my car.  I needed to clean my bike after my ride, so I leaned it against a tree.  I needed to park my bike in our garage somewhere, so I leaned it against my tool box.  I would take my bike to a triathlon and have to lean it against the air conditioner or desk in my hotel room.  I know you get the picture.  We’re always looking for places to lean our bikes and more often than not, the location we choose is subpar causing our bikes to roll away or even fall.

So, my father-in-law, Tony, and I set out to build a durable and portable, easy-to-use, bicycle stand to end my frustrations.  While the “EZ Bike Stand” name really captures our product, “Three Fingers Tony” and “The Bike Boot” were also high on our list of names.  I’ll write more on “Three Fingers Tony” in a later blog, but it’s safe to say it was the turning point in our decision to share our new bike stand with you all.  Most of you have already read our product description on our website, but a little unknown fact is that the EZ Bike Stand is made in Michigan.  This is where my wife and I grew up and currently home to Tony and most of our family.

I’m confident you’ll experience the excitement I’ve had all year using my EZ Bike Stand and I look forward to hearing your comments and personal experiences with your stand.  Oh, don’t forget to check out our EZ Event Checklist on our website too.  While not having a place for your bike is frustrating, I hope you’ll find this checklist easy to use and a helpful reminder of things you need to take with you to your next race or event.

Making cycling easier,


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