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Archive for January, 2011

Top 10 Uses of a Bike Stand

We’ve counted down our Top 10 most popular uses of a bike stand, some which may surprise you.

10. Selling bicycles. One effective way to sell more bicycles is to display them better. Since space is limited in most bike shops, put the bikes that interest customers on bike stands. It’s more appealing to have 360º access and views of a bike than having them lean against something.
9. Improving triathlon transition times. A bike stand allows you to practice T1 and T2 to shave seconds off your transition times. Coaches, professionals, and age-groupers have become fans of the EZ Bike Stand because it’s easier to use and protects your spokes better than most bike stands.
8. Overnight travel. Hotels, motels, cabins, and inns will appreciate you more when their furniture and curtains are left “ungreased” because you brought your portable bike stand along with you. It also makes hotel lobby check-in a lot easier.
7. Changing wheels. Not all bike stands have this capability, but because the EZ Bike Stand is adjustable and uniquely designed, it can securely hold your bike by the front or back wheel making the wheel change and alignment quite simple. Whereas, a “one-size-fits-all” bike stand may be less secure and tilt your bike during a wheel change.
6. Traveling to group rides or events. Make your portable bike stand the first thing you take out of your car and you’ll always have a place to put your bike while preparing and returning from your ride.
5. Cleaning. With a bike stand, cleaning your bicycle becomes fun and easy, and not so messy. Step away after you’ve cleaned your bike and enjoy your sparkling bicycle standing on its own in the sunlight.
4. Repairs. Simple repairs and bike maintenance are made easy when you use a bike stand. A quick adjustment or small tweaking shouldn’t require using clamps or elevating your bike.
3. Lubing chains. A bike stand should allow for a smooth counter-clockwise rotation of your pedals making lubing your chain hassle-free.
2. Pumping tires. Whether you ride everyday, once a week, or longer, your tires lose air pressure. A bike stand makes pumping tires quick and easy. The EZ Bike Stand has an additional cut-out to properly position the valve stem and minimize the risk of a valve stem flat while pumping up your tires.
1. Storage. If you simply add up the time a bicycle spends in a bike stand, you’ll get storage as the overwhelming number one use of a bike stand. While we believe this, alone, is a good reason to own a bike stand, we sure like the other popular uses too!

Making cycling easier!

Whatcha call it, bike stand or bike rack?

I never put much thought into what defines a bike stand and a bike rack until recently. I’ve had a clear idea of the difference between the two until I heard others speak about our EZ Bike Stand as a rack. So, is a bike stand also a bike rack? Are these two words interchangeable? In the South where I live, dinner and supper have two different meanings. But for others, it means the same thing. The word flat could also be different if you’re American or British. So, do people in different parts of the country or world consider our EZ Bike Stand, a bike stand or a bike rack?

Perhaps it’s not a geographical difference at all, but how the EZ Bike Stand is used that determines what you call it. While the EZ Bike Stand is portable, I’ve heard some people refer to it as their garage bike rack which tends to have a permanent sound to it. I have also heard people describe it as a floor bicycle rack, stationary stand, and bike maintenance stand, each having a usefulness appeal to it.

I guess it doesn’t matter what you call it, as long as you enjoy it! Oh, and by the way, the United States Patent Office calls it a bicycle support stand.

Making cycling easier

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