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A Bicycle Stands Color Is No Joke

Bicycle Stand in black color

Why can’t a bike stand on its own? Because it’s “two” tired. If you laughed like I did, you probably found how something so simple can be so creative. I like to believe bicycle stands are the same way.

When you look at the designs of a bicycle stand you’ll notice some simple engineering. Bike racks are a bit more complicated, but similar in scope. Both of these, however, tend to lack color which I feel inhibits their true creativity.

Anthony Lau from Cyclehoop Ltd in London is in the business of providing bicycle parking solutions for cities and uses bright colors to transform bike racks into appealing works of art. Simple in form, creative in color, and practical in use, his bike racks get a lot of attention wherever they reside. Personally, as the owner of a company,, that produces bicycle stands, I appreciate the boldness when someone, like Anthony, steps outside the norm to make a difference.

I’ve considered making our bicycle stands in a variety of colors, but I’ve weighed the costs and customer demand and I haven’t been sold on the idea yet. While Anthony produces bike racks for cities, I produce bicycle stands for individual cyclists. The perception that color shows dirt, wear, and tear are concerns of cyclists. I’ve surveyed some customers with mixed results too. Bicycles aren’t always clean, so cyclists generally gravitate toward black. Also, black goes with about everything, and cyclists usually prefer a bike stand that matches or coordinates with the color of their bike.

Sometimes I feel like Henry Ford when he first made the Model T and said you can have “any colour, so long as it’s black”. Deciding on the right color and right quantity for a small business has its risks, but I suppose, it has its upside too. So, when are bicycle stands blue? When they have no support.

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