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EZ Bike Products, LLC is based out of Birmingham, Alabama.  Our company provides cyclists with simple solutions to common frustrations with bicycling.  We believe that eliminating small inconveniences will enhance the enjoyment of our sport.  Our EZ Bike Stand was our first product, and was developed to make storing, cleaning, lubing, pumping up tires, repairing, and traveling with bikes hassle-free.  In fact, we feel like we have a second pair of hands when we use our EZ Bike Stand! 

EZ Bike Products continues to invent, design, test, and build new products.  Our engineer, Tony, is the technical expert for our company.  He does many other things too, but we don’t want to diminish his most important role.  His daughter, Karen, was influential in bringing the EZ Bike Stand to market.  When her father lost three fingers making a prototype bike stand, the decision to keep pushing forward became very clear.  Thankfully, Tony’s three fingers were reattached.  Karen is also featured in our ads and video. 

Bruce, is our owner and wears many hats.  You can email him directly at with any questions or feedback.  He appreciates your comments and has posted a few of them on our website, each of them genuine and unsolicited from new customers.

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