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Bicycle Stand History From Wright Brothers To Today

EZ Bike StandWhile the bicycle was invented in the early 1800’s, designs of the bicycle stand can be found from the late 1800’s. I believe the Wright Brothers, two bicycle mechanics from Ohio at the time, even played a role in the early ingenuity of the bike stand after they opened their bicycle repair shop in 1893. I heard the Wright Cycle Shop at Greenfield Village in Michigan has a bicycle stand on display there, although I haven’t seen it personally.

As the bicycle began to take shape in the late 1880’s, the motorcycle came along when Gottlieb Daimler, a German engineer, put a four-stroke piston engine on a wooden bicycle frame. The motorcycle eventually evolved operationally and its weight increased significantly. In the 1940’s, I suspect an inventor came up with idea of the kickstand as a means to keeping these heavy bikes upright and functioning properly. Of course, the bicycle became a natural fit for them as well and the bicycle stand likely faded out around this period.

Bicycles also experienced a downturn as the automobile became affordable and popular. Bicycles were used more as a necessity for transportation than anything else. However, Americans renewed their fondness of the bicycle in the 1950’s when they became more concerned about health and physical fitness. This brought the kickstand back to life, however, not the bicycle stand.

In the 1970’s, mountain biking and triathlon were “invented” which changed the bicycle landscape. Participants of these sports, as well as bicycle racing, demanded better technology and aerodynamics to go faster and further. This required material changes, design improvements, and lighter weight bicycles.  The kickstand eventually became a casualty from these developments while the bicycle stand re-emerged.  See for photos.

Today, you can find a bicycle stand made from many different materials with various designs that support road bikes, mountain bikes, triathlon bikes, cyclocross, tandem, touring, and folding bikes. Surprisingly, many people think the bicycle stand is new, when in fact, it’s been around for over 100 years.

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