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Features Of A Bicycle Repair Stand

Many people refer to a bicycle repair stand as a bike stand. However, a bicycle repair stand has a number of different features than a traditional bicycle stand. For example, they typically are much larger and heavier pieces of equipment, some of them weighing over 15 pounds. They lift your bike off the ground and use a clamping device to secure it. By raising your bike up, you are able to rotate the pedals forwards or backwards making it easy to work on gears, pedals, chains, brakes, etc. An elevated bike also makes it easy for you to work on while seated on a stool or chair. In addition, some bicycle repair stands will allow you to rotate or swivel your bike giving you access to both sides of it without moving your stool.

Unlike a bicycle stand which is usually portable, a bicycle repair stand is rarely traveled with because of its size and weight. Granted, I’ve seen bicycle shops and cycling teams bring them to races, but that’s out of necessity rather than convenience. Also, some bicycle repair stands permanently affix to a workbench like a vise, making them impossible to take with you.

Personally, I use a bicycle repair stand when I have to do major repairs or adjustments to my bicycle, but use my EZ Bike Stand for everything else. So, whenever I’m storing my bike, cleaning my bike, pumping my tires, lubing my chain, doing maintenance, making minor repairs, or traveling, I use my EZ Bike Stand which is much easier to set up and use than a heavy bicycle repair stand.

Another difference you’ll find with a bicycle repair stand is the price. They aren’t cheap, but a good investment if you plan to get down and dirty working on your bicycle. Most of them are well constructed, durable, and very stable, which you should expect. Also, read the instructions carefully on the best way to secure your bike, especially when clamping it to the frame or seat post. You want to avoid scratching or denting your bike in anyway. 7MD8NHJN4WXG

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