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I have written many blogs about bicycle stands and the benefits of owning one. If you use one, you know the conveniences it provides and the frustrations it eliminates. As co-inventor of the EZ Bike Stand you might feel I have a bias toward owning a bike stand, but the reality is that the feedback I get every week tells me how much cyclists love them.

However, not all bicycle stands are alike and not all of them loved. The tips I provide in my blog at explain the differences you should consider. I would also encourage you to ask other cyclists their opinions when you see bicycle stands at group rides or races.

I believe the proverb, “you get what you paid for” holds true with bicycle stands. While your bicycle is the single largest cycling investment you’ll make, you should consider how you plan to store, protect, and maintain it. The cost of a bike stand is minimal when you look at the bigger picture. And if you plan on a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) bike stand, consider the time, cost, functionality, and usefulness before taking on your project.

The key component of a good bicycle stand is that it needs to support your bicycle, not all bicycles, and it should keep your bike from leaning. Otherwise, it’s nothing but a modified kickstand and you’ll likely be unhappy with it. Also, bicycle stands will typically use the spokes, frame, wheel rims, or tires for support. So, decide what you feel comfortable with holding up your bike.

The ability to hold a bicycle upright is more complicated and difficult than it looks, so don’t be fooled by simple bicycle stand designs. You love cycling, you love your bike, so love how you store, clean, and maintain it. Bicycle stands can make your whole cycling experience even better.

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