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Using Bike Stands To Make A Bike Rack

Some bike stands allow you to connect them together to form a bike rack. This is a very cool feature when you have multiple bikes to store because it keeps everything neatly organized in one place. Besides being easy to assemble, stability should also be improved by connecting bike stands together. The EZ Bike Stand uses the EZ Connector, which has been tested and proven to show more stability, particularly because more weight and surface area are touching the ground.

A couple tips, however, should be considered when connecting bike stands together. Will the distance between them allow bikes to park in the same direction? Handlebars knocking into one another can be frustrating. Also, are you getting the best support for your bikes and at the right “touch” points? Is there enough weight and stability with the combination? Do the bike stands easily adjust to customize the fitting of your bikes in the stands?

Besides building your customized bicycle rack at home using bike stands, companies and cities that encourage bicycle commuting, bike shops, and cycling teams can benefit from this type of set up. I’ve found connecting bike stands compared to traditional bike racks are less bulky and cumbersome, easier for children and older cyclists to use, and easier for bike shops to display bicycles.

Personally, I’m a big fan of using bike stands to form a bike rack. However, if I ever change my mind I can simply disconnect the bike stands and use them individually. Now that’s a nice feature!

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