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What have I forgotten?

Ever feel like you’re forgetting something when packing for a race or an event?  I know I have!  Trying to fit in family, work, and training obligations can sometimes be overwhelming.  It’s hard to think of all the items you need when heading out for a ride, race, or run – especially when you’re rushed and running late.

When standing in line at registration I often overhear someone say they forgot something at home and how they hope they can pick it up at the expo.  Spending money on something you already have sitting at home is frustrating!  That’s why we created the EZ Event Checklist!  It will save you time, money, and make packing for your next event a breeze.  And it’s FREE!  Check it out on our Resources page at

The checklist is a simple point and click form that lists 100 popular items you may need at your next event.  If you’re only biking, disregard the swim and run portion of the form.  Or, if you’re only running, disregard the swim and bike section.  Click on the “Free EZ Event Checklist” download button, check the “Need It!” boxes, print your completed checklist, and then check off the “Packed It!” boxes when you have actually packed your gear.  There is also space to write in additional items not found on our checklist.

So when planning for your next event, make it simple, just print the EZ Event Checklist!

Making your events easier,


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